About Courtney

The Beginning

The concept behind Consult Courtney stemmed from Courtney acting as the ghostwriter on behalf of friends and family for any given occasion. Courtney loves helping people and contributing to their special milestones. Her passion has always been present, but now she is ready to explore the world of professional writing on a more heightened level.

Courtney's Style

Courtney is an energetic, intelligent, and highly reliable thirty-something excited to navigate unchartered territory. Courtney received excellent training beginning with writing courses completed during her undergraduate studies at Indiana University. She continued her education by earning her Master of Arts degree from NYU. Additionally, Courtney finished two different writing workshops in her hometown, Chicago, and one at the famed Second City.

Working with Courtney

Courtney aspires to form a personal connection when collaborating with clients.  She motivates clients by devising ways to enhance their body of work. Her positive energy is magnetic.  She is a perfectionist to her core. Her zest for life combined with her strong work ethic sets her apart from others. She adds a distinctive style and flair to her writing. Courtney embodies the ability to be witty, sentimental, and inspirational simultaneously.


In her free time Courtney enjoys giving back to the community by serving on two philanthropic boards, one as a young leader and the other as a crusader for pancreatic cancer research. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and would not be pursuing this new venture without their unwavering support and constant encouragement. Courtney comes from a large family and they are truly her biggest fans. In the great sky of life her three teenage nephews are her shining stars. Her boisterous laugh is highly contagious and one of the attributes people recognize most upon meeting her. Courtney enjoys quoting movies on a daily basis and wishes she could still hang out at Central Perk with her favorite Friends.

Courtney will be there for you. If you are looking for someone to make you feel comfortable and assist in your writing, always feel free to Consult Courtney.

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