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Writing for anything in general, unless it comes naturally, often causes a feeling of overwhelming anxiety. Whether it is writing for a specific event, something personal, or professional it may be difficult to formulate everything especially when certain elements must be included. Consult Courtney created various templates; please select the one most applicable to your needs.

Upon completion please save and email: Consult Courtney will review your inquiry in a timely manner. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email Consult Courtney directly. Please fill out the basic information below if you are having trouble or do not see a particular template listed.


Simply click on the particular template below, then answer to the best of your ability. Don't forget to save and email:

All of the templates use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download if you need the application:

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Note: You will only be charged the full amount upon complete satisfaction. Consult Courtney simply requires half upfront before viewing the first submission.

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