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Currently on my mind: U Shouldn't Cheat (USC)

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Crap! Why didn’t I think to “join” crew?

This is the makings of a Gossip Girl episode—absurd privilege, obscene wealth, and salacious scandal. JUIICCCCCY!

Spotted: trust fund scions getting opportunities they didn’t earn? Cough, cough … Affluenza. Not only do they have every advantage, but they are taking away places from those who actually worked for their entrance. Crazy rich kids—as if they know what “work” is anyways. It’s not like they will be paid by companies to hawk products they don’t use or prancing down runways via their momagers. Luckily, after 250,000 followers and verified social media accounts due to their famous parents, they will be brought back down to reality and shouldn’t set their sights so high. It’s likely they’ll never be in the White House or anything.

Note to Twitter trolls: there are plenty of students on the so-called "privileged pedestal" and others who possess the means, lacking an advocate or guidance to help foster their future. (Insert your poor little rich white Tori Spelling girl sigh.) Yes, there are in fact children who worked diligently for every single grade, test score, and wrote their own admission letters to college. (What? Like it’s hard?) There are children who aren’t spoiled or entitled and understand higher learning is a gift. They aren’t striving to be “influencers” and operating their YouTube channels to blame their parents for paying for their education. Oops, I mean blame their parents for forcing them to go to college. Sorry, I mean blame their parents, period. Aren't we all?

It appears the real value is being missed. Why is education at such a premium when most people we “follow” nowadays didn’t even attend college? Heck, the inventor of Facebook is a Harvard dropout. Do diplomas matter? If we’re equating education and money, then by today’s standards you don’t need one to have the other.

I couldn’t help but wonder … at what cost is the price of privilege?

And who am I?

A Gen X or whatever fucking letter—maybe Millennial—too old to be an influencer

Don’t fucking love me. Love yourself.



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