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Five Things To Do When You Don't Live Near Your Bestie

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult not living in the same place as your best friend. Whether they moved because they met the love of their life, landed their dream job, or you simply ended up in different cities, it’s just plain old hard when they aren’t an Uber ride away. It makes you want to curl up in a ball and drown your sorrows in Halo Top. Well, drop the spoon and try these five tips to help wipe away your tears.

1. Communicate on the Reg

(I’ll be shocked if you’re not doing this already, but I take pleasure in making fairly obvious observations. Indulge me, if you will.) Thanks to unlimited texting and family phone plans, I seriously text my best friends 24/7. If I see a funny quote or come across something that reminds me of them, I screenshot and send. There is nothing better than waking up to an, “LOL. MISS YOU,” text from your girlfriend. When Jen & Justin split, I immediately received 10 text messages asking if I was okay. That’s true friendship ladies and gents. Texting is a fast and effortless way to correspond in this world of instant gratification we’re living in. There is literally no excuse why you cannot take two seconds out of your day to check in. Bottom line: If my dad can text using his index finger, you can too.

2. E.T. Phone a Friend

I’m a writer, and I still loathe composing paragraphs and explaining stories via text. And DUCKING auto-correct! Texting often lacks the same effect as an actual phone call. Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well and tone can be easily misconstrued. Face-timing is another alternative. While it’s not my favorite, because I have severe ADD and may be swiping and scrolling while talking to you, but I’m a fabulous multitasker and if it’s something serious I’m all ears! BTW, I have a landline and it’s totally retro. I love gabbing on my Zack Morris telephone. Feel free to buzz me anytime to discuss “Real Housewives” and/or anything real

3. Set Up a Shrine

My photo albums from high school and college are some of my most prized possessions. Sadly, nobody prints pictures anymore. So 1800s. However, if you want to be reminded of your bestie everyday, make room for them in your house. Run out to Michael’s if you’re feeling crafty or if you’re lazy go to Bloomingdale’s and spring for some frames. Then, find Tori Spelling or some other washed-up nineties’ star’s Instagram because I’m sure they have a coupon code for you to print snapshots. Head to Walgreen’s and while you’re waiting for your prescriptions, stocking up on gum and greeting cards, add printing pics to your list. VOILA, your besties are back! They’re front and center in your life everyday!

4. Send a Care Package

Did you ever get a S.WA.K. box at summer camp? (Don’t worry if you didn’t, my mom wasn’t hip either. She mailed handwritten notes. Figures I’m a writer.) There is nothing that will make you happier than playing Supermarket Sweep for your bestie. You can race through the aisles collecting your favorite treats to seal up and ship off. Be sure to include those sour gummies you used to munch late night or Starbursts, including all of the reds and pinks. That is real love. Someone who shares their red flavored anything with you must really hold you in high regard. Or if you don’t want to leave the house, there’s this place on the World Wide Web called Amazon and you can pretty much order anything your little heart desires. Nike it up, and JUST DO IT! You won’t be sorry!

5. Surprise the F*** Out of Them

That’s right—find a babysitter, clear your calendar, hop on a flight, or gas up your car, and freak out your friend in a monster way! There will be no greater adrenaline rush! Talk about an Oprah meets Ellen moment. She will literally race into your arms and jump on top of you when you’re standing in her living room! Goosebumps already. First, do your research and make sure they will be in town and available, but otherwise make it happen! The best things in life are usually those spontaneous adventures you didn’t exactly plan. You can guarantee a weekend of fun, gossip girl time and nonstop laughter. Sign me up!

If you haven’t been stellar at staying connected, a good friend will most likely forgive you. Duh—you’re their BFF and you have the friendship bracelets to prove it! Just remember, they’re always a text, phone call, picture, package, plane or car ride away!

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