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Vision Board Your Way into 2019

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

My best friend hosts a vision board party every year. (If you don’t know what a vision board is—picture your magazine collage as kid with every teen heartthrob, only now you’re creating the adult version, which includes affirmations and everything you want from the universe.) FYI, this isn’t your average “I’ll throw this together last minute” vision board party. Oh, no, no my friends. Quite the contrary. This party is epic. It’s like Martha Stewart meets Brené Brown meets Andy Warhol. My friend happily provides all food, boards, wrapping paper, scissors, Elmer’s rubber cement, and even acoustic live music to accompany the mood. Her only request is that you bring your own magazines because, of course, it’s YOUR vision. She encourages all of her friends to not only socialize together, but make their dreams come true year after year. Here’s why you’ll want to score an invite to her party next year.

1. Seeing Is Believing

The word visionary is defined as “thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.” Well, how can you plan for your future, if you can’t actually see it? Duh, we’re not exactly fortune-tellers or we’d all be winning the Powerball. However, there’s a reason why The Secret is no longer a secret. There is power in manifesting and making it happen for yourself. Apply the “Law of Attraction” to your vision board. If you hope to be engaged, then cut out an engagement ring. If you wish to sell your book, then find some quotes that inspire you. If you want to trust the timing of your life, then paste a big old watch from an ad right on there. (BTW, I did all of the above.) Empower yourself to design your own future. When your board is complete, strategically place it where you’ll see it everyday. Like an accountability coach, it will surely help keep you on track and remind you there’s certainly no harm in believing.

2. Living With Intention

In order to live our fullest lives we must know exactly what we want. A vision board is the perfect way to display and organize our ideas. It requires a proper evaluation of our desires, goals, and aspirations. You’ll find if you dig deep enough, they usually aren’t superficial. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  was on when I arrived home from the party. (So choice!) Obviously I watched as if I haven’t already seen this movie like a 100 times, but this time it had a different meaning. When Ferris decides to joy ride in Cameron’s dad’s car, Cameron says, “Ferris, my father loves this car more than life itself.” Ferris responds, “A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn’t deserve such a fine automobile.” How poetic the 1961 Ferrari 250GT California ended up trashed in the forest! We’ve all mulled over our hopes and dreams as many times as we’ve seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so much that it is difficult to “see” them anymore. Seeing your priorities laid out on a vision board can give a new perspective and perhaps inspire us to look at everything with an alternate lens. Discover what truly matters to us and intentionally live by those terms.

3. Channeling Your Creative Side

Occasionally, it’s a nice reset from the daily stressors in our lives to do arts and crafts. It’s fun to be a kid again. I watched as some moms in the group chose colored hearts as their background wallpaper. Their boards weren’t necessarily all about their kids, which I imagine was a pleasant and necessary break. For a moment, they got to be present and focus on their needs. I noticed quite a few people unplugged and stashed their phones away. I observed as everyone laughed and shared ideas with neighbors at their tables. Most people did their boards horizontally. Of at least forty guests, I noted only two completed them vertically. Instantly, I thought those are abstract people. Outside of the box thinkers. My kind of people. The truth is that anybody can be creative, you just have to make time to do so and who knows you may actually have a blast in the process.

If you aren’t motivated to race to Target and gather your supplies, then maybe vision boarding isn’t for you! Either way, a big thank you to my bestie for showing us what it means to truly envision the life you want to live. What an incredible gift.

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